If your company needs to keep track of orders, then a Purchase Order Tracking Template is just what you need. A template can help streamline the whole procurement process. Once this is completed, then you can focus on more strategic and detail-oriented activities. There are certain advantages to using a Purchase Order Tracking Template, as many businesses see it. First of all, if you implement a template, you save time and effort and also get to see where your money is being spent best.

But how exactly do you implement a purchase order tracking template? Most companies follow a common pattern when it comes to keeping track of their orders. They use an in-house system, or else integrate it with an external vendor – either in the form of a software application, or a web-based service such as Campa. Some companies also keep track of their orders through their CRM (customer relationship management) system and assign a Purchase Order Entry (POE) number to each one. This number is usually unique, but it can be shared among several departments, depending on how extensive and complex the process of managing the business is.

Purchase Order Tracking Template

Purchase Order Tracking Template
Purchase Order Tracking Template

Sometimes, however, some companies prefer to have the purchasing processes handled directly by them. For example, some vendors provide their clients with a Purchase Order Tracking Template that they can customize according to their requirements. If a client uses an in-house Purchase Order Tracking Template, he/she may be provided with a tracking number that is unique to their company only. However, if the client utilizes the service of a third party vendor, the process of customization is completely integrated.

2. Blanket Purchase Order Template

Download Blanket Purchase Order Template
Blanket Purchase Order Template

There are various ways to obtain a Purchase Order Tracking Template free sample format download. One way is to use the internet to search for free templates. Another method is to browse the websites of various vendors who offer these services. Another option is to use one of the online forms offered by several vendors. And finally, one can make use of the purchase order tracking template examples format download offered by various vendors.

3. Purchase Order Form with Images

Download Purchase Order Form with Images
Purchase Order Form with Images

When considering the option of obtaining a Purchase Order Tracking Template free of charge, some organizations mistakenly believe that this option involves making the wrong choices. In actuality, the acquisition of a Purchase Order Template will not result in any errors; what an organization ends up with instead is a Purchase Order Entry that does not accurately reflect the final price list that is ultimately given to the client. In short, the business owners end up with a document that is either redundant or inaccurate.

4. Blank Purchase Order Form

Download Blank Purchase Order Form
Blank Purchase Order Form

The vendors who provide customers with a Purchase Order Entry that does not accurately reflect the final price agreed upon often justify this by asserting that such a template can confuse the decision-makers involved in the purchasing process. In other words, these vendors argue that the process of estimating final product costs can be complicated and can involve mistakes. However, there is no basis for such a contention. On the contrary, most enterprise level clients would gladly pay a few dollars more each month if the process is simplified.

As mentioned earlier, the aim of the Purchase Order Entry is to simplify the whole process of estimating final product costs. This is why the vendor providing the PO template is also well within their rights to provide customers with a number of different versions of the document to suit their specific needs. The fact is that the PO tracking templates that are readily available online come in different variations. Each variation serves a different purpose in terms of simplifying the estimating process. One example of a possible improvement to the process is incorporating a vendor’s shipping terminology into the document in order to make it more comprehensible for decision makers.

Businesses might find that having a Purchase Order Entry is beneficial in several ways. First, such documents may serve as crucial parts of the audit trail. After all, the recording of information about individual orders will help ensure that vendors meet their obligations. Secondly, it could be a great source of revenue. With proper usage of Microsoft Excel, the Purchase Order Tracking Template could provide an excellent Return on Investment for small and medium sized enterprises, thus improving their bottom line.